Woman stuns TikTok with her easy life hack for making ‘perfectly round’ cookies

A home chef is blowing minds on TikTok with her trick for making perfect, round cookies every time.

The baking hack, shared by user @babychrismom, seems to be surprising viewers mainly because of how shockingly simple it looks. All you need is a glass or a can. 

The idea has spread widely on the platform — drawing over 50 million views between two different videos.

TikTokers are no strangers to cooking hacks. In recent months, users have shared their tips for “de-salting” food, peeling corn off the cob with a cake pan and opening English muffins with a fork.

In @babychrismom’s case, some viewers seemed to believe the hack didn’t work — in part because it looks too good to be true.

In her original video about the hack, @babychrismom scans the camera over a tray of freshly baked cookies. She picks a particularly mishappen one and places a can over the top.

Then, she rotates the can for a few seconds, spinning the cookie around inside. What emerges is a perfect, round cookie.

Even though similar hacks have existed for quite some time, some viewers were skeptical.

“Use a clear glass so we can see it’s true,” one user wrote.

So @babychrismom did exactly that. In another clip that went more viral, she pulls off the same trick with a clear glass.


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This time, users seemed largely convinced — and impressed.

“You can do that?” one user asked.

“Now I want cookies,” another added.

“This feels illegal,” another wrote.

Other users, however, wondered how much the hack mattered. Many argued that there’s no real reason to make cookies perfectly round.

“A solution for something that was never a problem,” one user wrote.

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