Can this tiny gadget peel ‘any’ fruit or vegetable?

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What’s the best peel a potato without a peeler?

It’s a question we’ve all probably asked ourselves before — likely after a few minutes of struggle to peel produce in the kitchen.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s a viral gadget that claims it can solve that problem. This Starfrit peeling machine is supposed to tackle almost any produce — potatoes, apples, mangos, avocados and more — all in just a few seconds.

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The Startfrit gadget has a rotating base and a knife-wielding robot arm that peels the food as it spins. It almost sounds too futuristic to be real.

That’s why we knew we had to test it out. So, we ordered the gadget and compared it with a good, old-fashioned man vs. machine battle. To see what happened, watch the video above or keep reading.

Can this produce-peeling gadget out-peel a human?

To test this viral gadget, we decided to put it through three tests — all of which were competitions against a very average home chef.

Round 1 – Speed: To start, we wanted to see how fast this thing works. So, we set the timer for five minutes and watched it peel potatoes. Ultimately, the Starfrit peeler finished six potatoes, while we could only get to four with a regular peeler. Round 1 goes to the gadget.

Round 2 – Quality: Next, we compared how well each potato was peeled. Unfortunately, again, it looks like the gadget won out. Its potatoes looked clean and free of any peeling blemishes — meanwhile, our human ones were, well, full of human error. Another win for the gadget!

Round 3 – Versatility: Lastly, we wanted to see just how many different fruits and vegetables this gadget could tackle. Using a regular peeler, we managed to peel potatoes, apples, mangoes, avocados and cucumbers. However, the gadget could only handle the first three. It struggled with the avocado and was no match for the cucumber’s roughs kin. Finally, a win for humans!

Ultimately, our peeler gadget was victorious, winning in the speed and quality categories. This thing is fast, efficient and effective — and while it can’t peel everything, it does have a pretty wide range.

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