Woman reveals life hack for pouring perfect ‘bubble-free’ glass of soda

A TikToker is going viral after sharing her life hack for how to pour soda without foam.

The strategy, it turns out, is actually pretty simple. It came to TikTokers courtesy of a user named Hannah (@hanthehoarder).

It’s just one of the hundreds of kitchen-based hacks spreading widely on the app in recent weeks. Users have also shared their tricks for getting corn off the cob, keeping cats off kitchen counters and making “homemade ginger ale” by combining two popular soda brands.

Hannah’s video features someone who appears to be a restaurant waiter pouring a bottle of Coca-Cola into a glass. But, instead of simply tipping the soda bottle toward the glass, he places it all the way inside.

The result is a clean, bubble-free pour. At the end of the clip, there’s hardly any carbonation of foam at the top of Hannah’s glass.

“How did I not know this was a thing?” she captioned her video.

The life hack left many TikTok users astounded. Some couldn’t understand how — or why — pouring this way would make a difference.

“What kind of sorcery is that?” one user asked.

In reality, the answer is fairly simple. Carbonation in drinks comes from carbon dioxide, which forms into bubbles as it releases into the glass.

The faster you pour a drink and the further away your bottle is from a glass, the more you disrupt the soda’s equilibrium. That, in turn, releases more carbon dioxide. This is why you’ll usually see bartenders pouring soda or beer down the side of the glass — because it keeps the drink from crashing hard into its container.

For those who still aren’t convinced, the famous TikTok fact-checkers Party Shirt (@partyshirt) also tried the hack. It worked just as well for them.


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