TikToker demonstrates how to grow new succulents from leaves and cuttings

Succulents are remarkable plants. Not only do they require minimal sunlight and care, but you can also use the ones you already have to grow entirely new ones.

Yes, you read that correctly: Using the fallen leaves and stem cuttings from the succulents in your current collection, you can grow new ones via a process known as propagation.

So how exactly do you go about propagating succulents? To make things easier, one TikToker named Briar Van Driel made a step-by-step video explaining how to propagate succulents. Over the course of three weeks, she demonstrates how to transform tiny little succulent leaves into budding baby plants.


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According to Van Driel, the first thing you should do with your leaves and trimmings is lay them in dry soil. Also, make sure your leaves and trimmings are completely dry before placing them in the soil. During the first week you’re propagating succulents, you also need to make sure not to water or mist the growing plants.

By the second week, Van Driel says you can start misting the propagating plants once a day. She adds that it is normal for some of the leaves to start rotting — you can just throw those out.

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During week three, continue to mist/water your plants once a day. At this point, you may start to notice some roots forming, though growth “may take one or two more weeks after this to start.” Be patient — it’s a process!

After a few months, when the various succulents are big enough, you can start repotting them into their own planters without the original leaves and trimmings. Soon enough, you’ll have a garden full of succulents that you propagated all by yourself.

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