Here’s how to help protect your hair from chlorine damage this summer and beyond

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If you plan on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer, sunscreen isn’t the only thing you need to protect yourself. Your hair can also turn dry, damaged and even a green color if you’re not careful. 

It’s called swimmer’s hair, and many people think it’s due to the chlorine in the water. But chlorine is actually only partially to blame. The truth is, copper and other hard water metals actually do the most damage to your hair, according to hair care company Madison Reed. Chlorine just helps jumpstart the process. 

Now, if you want to keep your mane healthy when taking a dip, getting the right shampoos and conditioners goes without saying. But also it’s important to thoroughly wash your hair after you go for a swim. Additionally, it may help to dampen your hair with fresh and clean water right before you head to the pool. And if all else fails, you can try wearing a swim cap to conceal your locks entirely. Although this may not be the most fashionable look, it definitely can pay off big in the long run. 

For other ways to keep your hair in check at the pool, take a look at these top-rated beauty items below.

1. AquaGuard Pre-Swim Defense, $19.99

Credit: Amazon

Sometimes the best protection is prevention, and that’s exactly what makes this AquaGuard Pre-Swim Defense a go-to for many Amazon shoppers. It helps provide a nice buffer for your hair against chlorine, salt and other hard water metals. Just apply to your hair and let it soak in for several minutes before you head to the pool. 

2. Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo, $36

Credit: Amazon

If your hair is looking dry and brittle these days, then this Malibu C shampoo should be on your radar. It helps purify and hydrate your locks thanks to a ton of antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Additionally, it helps remove impurities and copper buildup that may be present in your hair after your swim. 

3. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Shampoo, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Perfect for the pool or for a trip to the beach, this shampoo contains several nourishing ingredients to help strengthen and hydrate your hair including aloe vera, vitamin A and pro vitamin B5. Not to mention, it also claims to “neutralize and remove” chlorine and other chemical odors from your mane. 

4. AVEDA Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $29

Credit: Amazon

Spending too much time in the sun isn’t always good for your hair. The sun’s UV rays can actually lead to it becoming dry and brittle, according to Heathline. That’s part of the reason this hair spray from Aveda is nice to have in your beauty cabinet. Not only is it great to use on all hair types, but it it’s water-resistant UV formula makes perfect to use poolside or for stepping out. Just be sure to reapply after swimming and you’re good to go.

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