Former marine draws praise with video showing how to throw a punch in acrylic nails

A former Dutch marine is drawing all kinds of praise after sharing how to punch with acrylic nails.

The marine, who shares safety tips on TikTok under the name @dutchintheusa, has drawn almost 15 million views with his viral self-defense video. According to BuzzFeed, the TikToker, named Robin, served in the Royal Dutch Marine Corps — an elite unit in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

In his video, Robin shares how people wearing acrylic nails can throw a punch without hurting themselves. The clip has garnered praise not only for Robin’s advice itself but also for his decision to wear a full set of bright blue nails in his demonstration.


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The clip begins with Robin explaining how people wearing acrylic nails will likely hurt themselves if they ball their fingers into a traditional fist. Then, he offers two alternatives.

First, he suggests opening your hand and punching forward with the hard part of your palm. If that doesn’t feel right, he offers a second method: contracting your fingers halfway down and then punching with the side of your hand.

“It still works. It doesn’t hurt you,” he says in the clip.

TikTok users flooded to the comments with support for Robin, as well as plenty of thanks.

“This is so important,” one user wrote.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear acrylics,” another wrote.

“This man really went out and got a full set for educational purposes and our well-being. King behavior,” another added.

Robin’s viral video is just the latest safety tip to go viral on TikTok. In recent months, users have also shared their advice on how to protect yourself when checking into a hotel room and why it’s important to have visible signs marking your house number.

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