iPhone user shares ‘life-changing’ hack for sending pre-scheduled text messages

A TikTok hack showing how to schedule messages on an iPhone has many users surprised.

TikTok has long been a major hub for iPhone tips and tricks. In the past, users have gone viral for revealing how to report spam messages, how to “scan” polaroid photos and even how to “disguise” apps on the home screen.

This latest hack, from user Frank McShan (@frankmcshan), shows how to use Apple’s automated texting feature to schedule messages in advance. Many users call the tip “perfect” for remembering birthdays and sending “good morning” texts to a significant other. Some even joked it would “save” their relationships.


Did you know you could do this? 🤯

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“Did you know you could do this?” McShan asked in his post.

In his video, McShan shows the process step by step. He starts by opening the Shortcuts app and typing the plus button in the top right-hand corner. Then, he selects “Create Personal Automation.”

From there, you can choose a time for your automated function. Once you have your time set, click the top right corner again, search for “Messages” and add it to your automated shortcut. It’ll then prompt you to add the message and contact information for your sender.

Lastly, McShan suggests turning off the “Ask Before Running” setting; that way, you won’t be prompted right before your scheduled text sends.

TikTok users mostly loved the hack, calling it “amazing” or “life-changing.”

“I so need this,” one user wrote.

“Omg, I love this,” another added.

Meanwhile, non-iPhone users bragged that some Android phones had this feature for “years.”

A few iPhone users mentioned they actually don’t have access to the setting. Some users’ older models might not have the feature, but several third-party apps will schedule texts for you — sometimes at a small monthly fee.

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