TikTok is obsessed with this ‘mind-blowing’ hack for separating egg whites

If you’ve ever wondered how to separate egg whites, you’re not alone.

Just ask TikTok. Separating an egg yolk from egg whites seems to be a common kitchen struggle among users on the app.

At least, that’s what the responses to a new viral video seem to imply. A user named @rightguysaldireviews shared his trick for separating egg whites — and TikTok users are totally freaking out.

“Been doing this for years,” the TikToker captioned his clip.


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In his video, @rightguysaldireviews shows how you can separate egg whites by simply rubbing your fingers onto a piece of wheat bread. From there, he claims, you can simply grab your egg yolks and yank them out of the whites.

There are plenty of other methods for separating eggs — including using a water bottle, your hands or even the eggshell — but social media seemed particularly impressed by the bread-based hack. Many commenters called the trick “genius” or “mind-blowing.”

“I refuse to believe this isn’t witchcraft,” one user wrote.

Popular TikTok user Sarel Madzebra had a similar response. She filmed a video of her live reaction to the egg hack, saying it “can’t be real.”

“My whole life has been a lie,” Madzebra added.

Meanwhile, other users took the opportunity to share similar methods. For example, several TikTokers posted videos trying a hack that involves rubbing your fingers on a clove of garlic instead.

For both hacks, many users claimed, it helps to have extremely dry hands and to lift the egg yolk very, very carefully.


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