How to shop for sensory items on a tight budget

This TikTok parent’s dollar store hack will show you how to incorporate Montessori teachings on a budget! Just goes to show Montessori doesn’t have to break the bank!

Lauren Mejia (@lauren_mejia_) is a TikToker and mom who’s garnered a following of over 300k users for her parenting hacks and content featuring Montessori principles, a method of education that emphasizes independence and hands-on learning.

Recently, Mejia shared a  video showing how to shop for Montessori and sensory materials on a budget

In the clip, Mejia demonstrates how a trip to the local dollar store can reap big benefits for parents looking to incorporate Montessori teachings at home

Starting in the toy section, Mejia looks for toddler-sized tools for a sensory bin, a container filled with various objects and materials to stimulate the senses

After selecting a pair of purple plastic tongs, Mejia moves on to the clearance bin in the appliance section for tiny whisks, spatulas, and other items for her toddler’s functional kitchen

She then grabs some clothespins and popsicle sticks for practicing fine motor skills, in addition to a magnifying glass for outdoor exploring. 

The crafts section at dollar stores offers a great selection of miscellaneous sensory items such as seashells, rocks and beads, as well as wooden boxes for object-permanence lessons and small trays to display toys in rotation. 

Viewers were impressed by Mejia’s frugal finds and money-saving Montessori hacks. 

“Yes!! Montessori doesn’t mean expensive,” cheered one user. 

“Yes, please make this a series. I want the best for my little girl, but it’s so expensive,” one parent noted. 

“Funny how Montessori was actually for low-income [families]. The founder would be disappointed by how expensive it is now,” another conscious consumer mentioned. 

There are many ways parents can implement Montessori teaching at home without breaking the bank. Montessori is more than just fancy wooden toys and materials because ultimately, the principles are about letting children learn and explore on their own terms.

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