Home chef divides TikTok with controversial lemon-squeezing hack

TikTok’s latest debate? How to squeeze a lemon.

The argument began with a life hack that some users are calling “life-changing.” Others, meanwhile, are questioning whether or not the trick is a joke.

TikTok user @boomtisca shared the lemon-squeezing tip in late June, and it has since drawn more than 2.5 million views. It’s just the latest in the world of TikTok cooking hacks, where users have previously shared tricks for making eggs in a bag, “receiving” stale bread and shredding chicken with a hand mixer.

The tip from @boomtisca addresses a common kitchen problem: how to squeeze a lemon. Her method, however, is what stoked arguments online.

“If you have one of these,” @boonstica says in the clip, holding a squeezer in her hand. “I can almost guarantee, unless you know this trick, you’re using it wrong.”


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In @boomtisca’s video, she warns against placing a lemon half in the juicer with the cut side up. This is a common kitchen mistake, considering most juicers are shaped in a way that encourages facing lemon this way.

To resolve the aforementioned issue, @boomtisca suggests cutting a slice off the bottom of the lemon half. That way, the juice will come out of both ends when you squeeze it.

“That one step makes a huge difference,” she adds in the video.

Many TikTokers seemed to agree with @boomtisca, praising her hack in the comments section.

“You’ve changed my life,” one user wrote.

“Omg, yes, this totally worked! Makes sense now,” another added.

Others found the trick less helpful. Several commenters were confused as to why @boomtisca didn’t just flip her lemons over in the squeezer so that the cut end would be facing the bottom.

“You just put it upside down. That’s how it’s meant to be used,” another added.

“Can’t tell if this is a joke,” another added.

For her part, @boomtisca posted a follow-up video addressing the lemon-squeezing controversy. She even tried squeezing a lemon the “other” way — by simply flipping it.


Reply to @quishthomas here it is with the 🍋 flipped ##lemonsqueeze ##kitchenhacks ##juicesqueezer ##lemonjuice ##howto

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