How to teach Black History beyond February

As Black History Month comes to a close, it’s important to remember that the significance of Black history should extend beyond just 27 days.

“There are so many other people and movements that young people need to know about that expand beyond those individuals,” Eunique Jones Gibson told In The Know.

Gibson is an artist and social activist, mostly known for creating the “Because of Them We Can” (BOTWC) campaign — a platform that aims to connect the present and future generations with Black icons and movements from the past.

Gibson’s goal in starting BOTWC was rooted in showing Black people in a more positive light, especially for kids. Over the years, BOTWC has evolved from a platform to a community and now a subscription box.

“It’s really Black History Month in a box every single month,” Gibson explained. The subscription box was Gibson’s answer to teachers she was meeting while traveling who wanted better tools and resources to teach their kids a broader scale of history.

“When I’m teaching kids about Black History, it’s really important for me to make it relatable to them,” said Gibson. Each box is inspired by a Black leader and includes apparel, educational activities, themed props, collectible lapel pins and a guide for parents to get involved too and help their kids navigate the meaning of the box’s contents.

“Parents of all backgrounds and ethnicities actually subscribe to this box,” Gibson said. “Children of all races need to have this box because Black History is American History, and they need to have it too.”

Watch the full In The Know interview with Eunique Jones Gibson above.

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