Mom captures the simple ways she models consent while parenting: ‘Consent and boundaries are so important’

This mom demonstrates simple yet effective ways to model consent to her young child

Alissa (@once.upon.a.mama) is a mother of 2, an early childhood educator, and “Consent Queen” according to her TikTok bio. And a recent video shows her modeling just that: consent!

The informative video — which garnered over 8.3 million views — shows Alissa asking her child’s permission about whether he wants to engage in particular activities or not. 

“Ok bud, time to pick out your clothes. Do you want to do it yourself?” asks Alissa.

“Uh huh,” answers her child. To which she responds, “Okay.”

Next she asks, “Do you need help getting dressed?”

“No, I can do it by myself,” says her little one. “Okay,” says Alissa

Later in the bathroom, Alissa inquires about her child’s hair saying, “I noticed your hair needs some brushing. May I brush it for you?”

“Yes!” responds her sidekick. 

Then Alissa notices something is amiss with her child’s outfit. 

“Oh! Your shirt is tucked into your underwear. Can I fix it for you?” she asks.

Her question is met with an enthusiastic “Yes!” To which she responds, “Okay.”

Sitting next to each other on the couch, Alissa asks, “Can I give you a hug?” 

“Yes,” says her child, before they give each other a warm hug. 

‘I wish wish wish my parents raised me like this…’

The comments section was filled with positive approval for Alissa’s parenting style.

“That boy is going to be the most respectful man we’ve ever seen,” wrote one viewer.

“I wish wish wish my parents raised me like this. Consent and boundaries are so important,” said another. 

According to Safe Secure Kids, consent is giving a person a choice about whether they want to be touched or engage in certain activities and respecting their answer.

Consent is an important concept at every age, but it’s especially important to teach youngsters so they can feel in control of their bodies while also respecting the bodies of others. 

Safe Secure Kids notes that an effective way to teach children about consent is to “ask for consent in everyday interactions,” which is exactly what Alissa does.

It’s also important to ask the same questions more than once to model that “consent is an ongoing process” and the answer may not be the same each time. 

Alissa also responds “Okay” to each answer her child gives, which shows respect for her child’s choice no matter what it is. 

It’s never too early to teach kids about respect and boundaries!

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