Mom tells her identical triplet babies apart with unique system

A mom of triplets came up with a clever way to keep track of her identical sons. 

TikTok mom @heyhoitsamyjo has a set of identical triplet boys named James, Henrik and Thomas. They’re still babies, so they pretty much look interchangeable. In order to prevent potential mix-ups, the mom came up with an unmistakable color-coding system. 

The mother said that one of her “most commonly asked questions” was if she was afraid of mixing her sons up. 

“Yes,” she explained. “That’s why they’re color-coded for emergency purposes.” 

The mom’s trick is genius. She paints the big toenail of each boy with nail polish to color-code her triplets. James’ toe is green, Henrik’s is blue and Thomas’ is red. 

The video racked up over 16.3 million views and 1.5 million likes. 

“I did this with my twins, and it wore off in the bath. I spent days convinced they were mixed up. I’m still unsure, and they are 21,” someone wrote. The mother replied, “Thankfully, they’ve only worn off one at a time, so we think we’re in the clear!” 

She added in the comment section that their toes aren’t the only things color-coded, “These guys basically have everything in their colors including sleep sacks and all, so we can usually always tell.” 

“My identical twins had bracelets. We mixed them up once, and the doctor said who they were by checking their weight a week later. Five years later, I hope he was right,” another said

“My triplet brothers-in-law are still color-coded to this day, 17 years later,” a person commented

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