How to transition toddlers out of fun activities without tantrums

This TikTok parent shared a genius strategy for preventing tantrums when transitioning kids out of fun activities!

Stephanie (@themossmomma_) is a self-proclaimed “toddler mama” who shares useful parenting advice and adorable videos of her toddler on TikTok. Stephanie recently shared a video detailing her strategy for telling kids it’s time to stop doing something fun without causing them to get upset, and it’s the perfect tip for anyone with a tantrum-prone toddler!


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The video begins with Stephanie’s toddler, Emmanuel, splashing around in a puddle outside of Stephanie’s home. A caption on the video reads, “Does your toddler hate leaving fun places? Try these transition tips.”

Emmanuel is clearly having a great time playing in the puddle and has no interest in heading home. Unfortunately for Emmanuel, Stephanie has decided it’s time to go inside. In order to redirect Emmanuel, Stephanie starts by giving him a warning and counting down to the end of his activity

“Mommy’s gonna count to 10 and then we’re all done with the puddle,” she says, and begins to count. 

For the next 10 seconds, Emmanuel runs around joyfully, savoring his last few seconds of puddle time. At the end of the countdown, Stephanie says, “Our puddles are all done. Emmanuel, it’s time to walk to the house. Do you want to hop or skip?”

Instead of ordering Emmanuel to go inside, Stephanie gives him fun new activity choices to choose from. She explains in a caption, “Offer 2 choices and make the transition exciting.”

Emmanuel chooses to skip, and begins skipping towards the house, as Stephanie encourages him. “Good skipping! Keep skipping! Skip, skip skip,” she says. 

At one point, Emmanuel stops skipping and seems like he’s about to turn back towards the puddle. “Stay calm if they try to turn back. It doesn’t mean they are being defiant,” Stephanie writes in a caption. 

“Oh, we’re skipping inside,” she tells Emmanuel gently. “We’re all done with puddles. Skip, skip, skip!”

With the puddle once again forgotten, Emmanuel enthusiastically skips home. 

Viewers applauded Stephanie’s tantrum prevention advice. 

“As a pediatric behavior therapist, I approve this message! Redirect and allow them to have choices they can do! Yes queen! You are doing the dang thing,” one viewer wrote. 

“I always give my toddler a choice, too. They love to feel in control! Great job mom. You’re awesome!” another viewer responded. 

“This is honestly amazing. At first, he’s thinking he doesn’t want to go, then after you offer to hop or skip, he’s willing,” replied another impressed TikToker. 

While Stephanie’s tantrum prevention strategy might not work for every child every time, it’s a useful tool to add to any parents’ toolkit!

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