Mom stuns TikTok with hack for ‘unshrinking’ clothes: ‘The number of things I got rid of not knowing this’

There’s nothing worse than shrinking your clothes in the dryer. 

Your favorite pieces can become unwearable, making your hard-earned money feel like it went right down the drain.

TikToker Bonnie Wyrick showed how you could reverse the effects of an unruly dryer and “unshrink your clothes” with a simple hack.

“I accidentally shrunk my dress in the dryer,” Wyrick said

Wyrick tried on a white linen dress that came up just a bit too short. She placed the dress in the sink and drenched it in water.

Then she added 1/4 cup of hair conditioner. Next, she let the dress soak for 20 minutes.

Finally, she stretched the dress by gently tugging at the fabric, and then she let it air dry.

When she put it on again, the dress was the perfect length. 

Wyrick said the dress “passes the finger test now!” 

The video received over 576,000 likes on TikTok

“The number of things I got rid of not knowing this,” a user commented

“Hold up, what? All the clothes I wasted!” someone lamented

“I did this with my cashmere sweater, and it fixed it,” another wrote

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