How to use your hair straightener to create natural waves

Perfect, natural hair waves can be hard to achieve, but they don’t have to be! On this episode of In the Know: Hair School, celebrity hairstylist and host Justine Marjan teaches us three different techniques to create a stunning, natural wavy style using your hair straightener.

Hot tip: when using a flat iron to curl your hair, it’s important to make sure your styler has rounded edges. “The rounded edges of the iron are really what’s gonna be creating that wave pattern,” explains Marjan. Marjan uses the ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance 1″ Styler because she loves how it heats up evenly, allowing her to avoid inconsistent patterns as she styles. But Marjan admits that a flat iron with a cord can be challenging to use when doing your own hair. So for a cordless option, she recommends the ghd Unplugged Cordless Styler.

Classic iron wave technique

The first method Marjan shares is the classic flat iron wave. Marjan admits this is one of her favorite techniques to use, “because there’s so much versatility and I feel like I can really control the curl pattern.”

For the classic iron wave technique, Marjan first pins back the model’s hair using Conair Metal Styling Clips, so she can focus on one-inch sections of hair at a time. She places the flat iron at the root and rotates her wrist in one direction as she glides the iron down at a slight angle. Then she removes the iron, and re-inserts it in the opposite direction and rotates it the opposite way to create a wave effect.

Push wave technique

The next technique Marjan demonstrates is called a push wave, which creates a gorgeous S-wave pattern in the hair. Marjan first gently pushes the hair upwards so it creates a C-shape, “and then I will insert the iron at the root and open and close the iron to stamp that pattern into the hair,” explains the hairstylist. “Then when the iron’s closed, I’ll push the hair in the opposite direction and gently open and close the iron to stamp that in the hair.” Then you just continue that pattern as you work down the length of the hair. 

Slide curl technique

The final technique Marjan shares is called a slide curl. First she takes a one-inch section of hair, and inserts the iron at the roots, pointed downwards. She then rotates the iron so the hair wraps around the rounded edges of the styler, and gently drags it downwards to create a “spiral effect.” 

Marjan says that when she wants a “really natural finish to the hair,” she uses all three techniques, but you can also just use one, depending on your desired outcome. 

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