TikToker has the best towel hack for post-shower lounging

Apparently, we’ve been wearing towels all wrong. A TikToker discovered how to actually wrap a towel around his waist without it falling down. Now the internet is shook. 

Brayden Singley declared that up until recently, his “life has been a lie.” Fortunately, the professional dancer and choreographer happily bestowed his wisdom upon TikTok. Like most people, when Singley got out of the shower, he would wrap a towel around his body and tuck in the excessive material. Anyone who does this knows it’s only a matter of minutes before the towel begins to unfurl and fall down. 

Singley figured out a simple solution to the problem — you’ll probably wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself. 

“I just discovered that I’ve been wrapping my towel around myself incorrectly for years,” Singley said. “I thought, what if you tuck the excess underneath? You’re invincible. Murder in the shower? Run away.” 

Singley tucked the extra fabric into the towel and rolled it over a few times. Then he proceeded to run in place, out of the room, then back inside again to demonstrate just how secure the towel was. 

The video received over 15 million views. Some people appreciated the advice, while others couldn’t get over his very lengthy run. 

“Just changed my life,” one user said

“Thank you for the seamless demonstration,” another wrote.

“Legend says, my man is still running,” a person joked

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