How YouTube star Lizzy Capri makes her adventurous videos

Lizzy Capri joined YouTube on a whim in 2017 and now, two years later, boasts almost 5 million subscribers to her channel.

For this episode of In The Know: Profiles, we met up with Lizzy to talk about whether she’s always wanted to be a YouTuber and how she comes up with extremely fun and adventurous videos.

“Even just receiving the 100,000 subscriber plaque was so meaningful for us,” Capri said. “It’s the first YouTube sort of acknowledges that you’ve passed a certain threshold that a lot of people work really hard to do.”

Capri grew up in New York and always thought she’d be a doctor after graduating. Working hard came naturally to her, and she was inclined to pursue a field that would allow her to have an impact on people’s lives.

So, when she started out on YouTube, she knew she wanted to incorporate meaningful messages in her videos.

“I think that this is something a lot of people just think I pick up a camera and start filming,” Capri said. Instead, Capri makes it her mission to partner with brands and charities that share similar values to what she showcases in her videos.

“The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that builds wells in underdeveloped communities,” Capri explained. “I’ve been working with them to figure out the best way to integrate that into my videos, and I think it’s kind of the perfect thing because they encourage kids to get involved.”

This factors into what separates Capri from a lot of other YouTubers and what’s made her account explode in popularity within the last few years. She works hard at making adventurous and fun videos that will positively influence her young audience — without sacrificing adventure and views.

“We brainstorm, ‘OK, how are we going to make this idea viral? How are we going to package it into a video that’s engaging for our audience, that’s action-packed?'”

Capri’s YouTube channel is a positive and welcoming community, and it’s something she hopes to continue to foster as her account grows.

“I’m constantly thinking of ideas for my videos,” Capri said. “I just get inspired by everyday things.”

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