Husband’s ‘dismissive attitude’ on wife’s birthday nearly ends in divorce: ‘Unnecessarily damaging’

You’ve heard of husbands forgetting their anniversaries or partner’s birthdays, but how about a husband who intentionally pretended to forget his wife’s birthday for fun?

A Reddit user by the name KissanKissai shared the marriage blunder on the subreddit Today I F***ed Up, explaining that he had intended to go all out on a big surprise for his wife’s birthday.

“I decided, being the idiot I am, to pretend that I had forgotten my wife’s birthday just to make the surprise, well, even more of a surprise,” KissanKissai wrote. “She comes home in the evening after work and tadaa!! When she opens the door I’ll be waiting for her with gifts, flowers dinner and everything romantic I could think of.”

KissanKissai had his wife’s birthday off, so he spent the day getting everything ready. He prefaced in the beginning that his wife had recently expressed being unhappy over him not being attentive enough (the first clue that this plan was really not going to work) and she usually loved surprises, so he thought this was a perfect way to get back into good graces.

“She was supposed to get home after 4pm. 4.30pm nothing. 5pm still nothing. I was starting to get worried and I texted her where she was. Around 5.30pm she read my message but didn’t reply,” he said.

After getting his calls and texts ignored, KissanKissai told his wife he was getting worried.

“She texted me opening up about how she couldn’t believe I had forgotten her birthday even after her expressing to me how she had felt neglected in the relationship and wanting me to put in more effort,” he said. “I, in all my stupidity, still decided to play dumb to make my big surprise work.”

Emphasis on “in all my stupidity.” That’s when his wife brought up the possibility of divorce.

“I panicked and started explaining everything to her by text. I took pictures of all the things I had done around the house, the gifts the flowers the decorations the dinner everything,” KissanKissai said. “I just broke and started crying.”

Eventually, his wife came home — also crying — and the pair ate her surprise birthday dinner together. While it didn’t end in a total disaster, Reddit commenters had a field day with KissanKissai’s decision to pretend to forget his wife’s birthday.

“The dismissive attitude leading up to surprise parties can be so unnecessarily damaging,” one person replied.

“How hard is it to pick up a card and a couple flowers or something to give them in the morning?” another commented. “They still feel special and you still get to surprise them.”

KissanKissai posted updates confirming to readers that he and his wife were working on the relationship and he was focusing on being more attentive. But some users couldn’t help but still make jokes.

“For your next trick you should pretend to forget her name for a few days, so that when you call her by the right name she’ll be extra happy and surprised,” someone said.

“Okay that was funny,” KissanKissai responded. “Made my wife laugh too.”

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