Husband adorably teases wife for not following through with hobbies, and it’s so relatable

If you love trying new hobbies, but quickly lose interest, you’re not alone! TikToker Lilianna Wilde (@liliannawilde) shared a hilarious video in which her husband teased her for collecting hobbies and then quickly dropping them.


Oh look, another hobby!! 😭 my husband calling me out but also being so kind about it made me so emotional lol I ended up meeting this very sweet woman in the knitting aisle who explained to me the difference between knit and crochet and the needles and then I circled the store and decided I was in fact never going to start and put the wool back. Sean was very sad he wasn’t going to get a scarf lol no knitting for me. #newhobby #newhobbycheck #hobbyoftheweek #newhobbyunlocked #hobby #husbandsbelike #marriagehumor #husbandsoftiktok #humor

♬ oh look a new hobby again – Lilianna Wilde

Wilde is a TikToker who has a bad habit of getting excited about new hobbies and then quickly getting bored of them. In a hilarious video, Wilde went to a craft store to pick up supplies for her latest hobby: knitting. As she browsed the knitting section, however, her husband decided to take the opportunity to question her commitment to her new hobby in the most hilarious way. 

The video begins with Wilde standing in the knitting aisle at the store sipping on a cup of coffee. Her husband pops into the frame and asks her, “OK babe, are you sure you want a new hobby?”

Wilde smiles and nods. “Yes,” she says confidently. 

“Are you sure?” her husband asks again.

“Yes,” Wilde once again replies.

“Because we have a sewing machine that’s never been touched and a bunch of paintbrushes that have never seen paint,” Wilde’s husband continues, as she smiles bashfully. “And like six or seven terracotta planters that are empty from when you were into gardening.”

At this point, Wilde’s bashful smile turns into a giggle.

“Yeah,” she says, and her husband also begins to laugh. 

“Are you sure you want to knit?” her husband asks again. 

“Yes, I want to knit,” Wilde replies with an embarrassed smile on her face. 

“OK,” her husband replies. “You’re gonna be the best knitter in the world.”

In a caption, Wilde explains that she appreciated her husband pointing out that she had plenty of hobbies already. Ultimately, she decided not to pick up knitting after all.

“[My husband] was very sad he wasn’t going to get a scarf,” she joked.

A collection of hobbies

Viewers could relate to Wilde’s hobby-collecting impulse.

“Collecting crafts is a craft in itself,” one viewer joked. 

“But the hobby isn’t ‘knitting,’ it’s ‘buying knitting supplies,’” another viewer wrote. 

“I thought I was the only one getting excited about something for a month and then I never wanna do it again!” commented another TikToker.  

Collecting hobbies might just be the ultimate hobby!

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