Husband faces backlash after hiding financial decisions from his wife: ‘You messed up’

A husband lied to his wife to save money, but she isn’t buying his excuse.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he made the right move. He explained that his wife wasn’t the best with money, so he took over their finances when they got married. But when she wanted to prove to her friends that she could handle the responsibility, she demanded her husband let her invest some of her savings. He reluctantly agreed, the only trouble was he didn’t tell her she was using a simulation with pretend money. 

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“My wife has always been terrible with her finances, from the moment I met her,” he said. “She’s wonderful in so many other ways but as far as finances go, she is a lost cause. Shortly after the market started picking up again following the covid recession I started picking up numerous stocks that were cheap and I told her about it, when she then asked me if she could have half of our total investment funds to invest on her own. I asked her why and she wanted to prove to her friends that she could be responsible with money since apparently, they were teasing her about it the last time they met.” 

He told her it was a bad idea and suggested she start with a small account or simulation. 

“She refused and we had a big argument about it,” he explained. “She was still adamant and I was getting annoyed so I set her up on a simulation and told her it was a real account. She hadn’t even bothered to research real brokers and thought it was the real deal and started investing. Fast forward to now and her account has done terribly over the last few months. She has lost a large portion of the money in the account, which she thinks is real. She came to me the other day sobbing and said sorry, upon which I asked her if she now realized why I didn’t want her to just jump in without any knowledge. I then told her that she didn’t have to worry because it was a simulation and she got angry at me for lying to her.” 

Reddit users thought both adults in the situation were at fault. 

“You messed up,” one user wrote

“I get the reason you tricked her, but it is still hurtful. And she has to be able to compromise and make realistic plans,” someone commented

“The real concern is that you guys seem to be having a difficult time communicating,” another said

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