Woman calls out husband after refusing to make him unhealthy meals: ‘He’s being ridiculous’

A woman doesn’t want to pass her husband’s eating habits to their daughter and it’s causing the couple to fight. 

She explained her situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her husband only eats takeout, meat, starch and cheese — no whole grains, fruits, vegetables or most seasonings. For the majority of their relationship the wife, who previously had a more nutritious lifestyle, cooked meals based on her husband’s preferences. But after they had a child, she told her husband that she was going to feed her daughter healthy meals. The husband refused to eat the new foods and is now upset he has to cook his own meals. 

“I don’t like eating like this, I’ve gained weight and feel out of shape, my body feels awful, whatever,” the woman said. “And I don’t want our daughter to grow up not eating anything healthy and substantial. So I stopped agreeing to fast food and made him only get it for himself and started cooking nice meals again… which he of course hates. I’ve begged him to at least try and find SOMETHING remotely healthy he likes eating it really shouldn’t be that hard. But he refuses. So I told him he can make his own meals if he doesn’t like ours, that I’m tired of eating unhealthy all the time. He accepted it at first, but he’s gradually been getting more upset about it” 

The husband complained that it’s not fair that the wife and daughter have nice meals and he doesn’t. 

“I told him he’s free to join and what he’s making himself is literally the same things I’d make him anyways,” she explained. “He says it’s not the same and he wants nice healthy meals like ours and it’s not fair that he’s being excluded. I told him unless he’s willing to let me add spices and vegetables to the meals, I literally CAN’T make him nice healthy meals like ours. I think he’s being ridiculous to expect the same type of food we eat without me putting in literally any of the ingredients.”

Reddit users agreed with the wife.

“Your husband is acting like a petulant child,” one person commented.

“What a baby!” another said.

“He should eat the food you make, or continue making his own food,” someone wrote.

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