Husband hilariously calls out wife’s water bottle problem: ‘Another cup?!’

A husband on TikTok who goes by @fordman97 called out his wife’s over-the-top reusable water bottle collection in a hilarious video.

The hilarious video, which has racked up more than 16 million views, shows the TikToker going around the kitchen revealing more and more bottles and teasing his wife for her habit. 

The video begins innocently enough with the TikToker walking into his kitchen and grabbing a pink cup off the table. The cup features a metal straw, plastic lid and handle. It is also narrower at its base so that it can fit in a cup holder.

“So this just came from Amazon today because my wife said she needed a cup that fit in a cup holder and kept her drink cold,” the TikToker says, showing off the cup’s features. 

Then he spins around and points the camera at another counter in the kitchen, which is covered in water bottles.

“Uh, what about these guys?” he asks. “Did you forget about them?”

The TikToker walks toward the counter and begins picking up bottles one by one.

“I remember when she needed this because it helped keep track of how much water she was drinking,” the TikToker says, gesturing at one of the bottles. “This one’s got a cool design, this one’s got a straw, this one’s her favorite color.”

He continues moving the camera around the counter, revealing more and more bottles. In total, he points out eight bottles on the counter before pointing the camera up to a cabinet.

“But wait, there’s more!” he says, revealing that the cabinet is full of more bottles! 

“We have a cup up here,” he says. “We have a bottle, a can, a koozie, more bottles, we have a handle, that’s also important. But wait!” 

The husband moves the camera over to show another cabinet full of bottles.

“We got more bottles,” he says. “More insulated bottles, keeping your drink cold. We’re probably good, right?”

Once again, the TikToker moves the camera to reveal yet another cabinet full of bottles.

“What’s hiding back here?” he asks, showing the line of bottles and cups. “Yeah, definitely needed another cup.”

“You have to get your serotonin where you can.”

The husband’s video, and the wife’s bottle collection, had TikTokers cracking up. 

“Yes, but this one has a straw, is insulated, has a handle, and fits in a cup holder. I see no other contender who checks all the boxes,” one viewer wrote, coming to the wife’s defense. 

“So my wife isn’t the only one,” another TikToker wrote. 

“Listen bud, you have to get your serotonin where you can. Sometimes it’s the joy of a new cup, not the cup itself,” commented another viewer.

The husband might be frustrated with his wife’s water bottle collection, but at least she’s definitely staying hydrated!

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