Mom-to-be slams husband after discovering his surprising vacation plans: ‘Man up and take care of your family’

A man ditched his pregnant wife for a camping trip and now she’s upset.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if he did anything wrong. He and his friends have an annual camping trip, but they skipped the last two years. They decided to restart the tradition this year. The issue is his wife is 25 weeks pregnant with their second child. She didn’t want the Reddit poster to go away because their first kid was born prematurely at 27 weeks. He went on the trip anyway.

“The story is that 12 years ago, myself, my younger brother and our two close friends started a tradition that every year we go on a camping trip together,” he wrote. “We weren’t able to the past two years because my wife and I had our first child in 2019 and last year obviously wasn’t a great time to be taking trips. This year me, my brother and our friends agreed on going camping. I told my wife who is currently 25 weeks pregnant about it, three weeks before and she wasn’t happy. She said I can’t just leave her alone while she is pregnant. She said that she’s anxious because our daughter was born prematurely at 27 weeks. She’s scared it’s going to happen again with this pregnancy. ” 

He didn’t think his wife’s concerns were serious enough for him to cancel the trip. 

“I reminded her that this camping trip was only going to be for two days, I’m only a few hours away and that I highly doubt anything is going to happen while I’m gone for the weekend,” he explained. “She told me, ‘do whatever you want.’ I went camping last weekend. When I came home my wife has been in a bad mood ever since. I tried to discuss it with her because I don’t understand why she’s so mad at me and she tried saying that I ‘never prioritize her’ and that I need to grow up because I’m a dad now then she proceeded to call me a “self-absorbed a** hat.”

Reddit users thought the husband was way out of line.

“Geez, man up and take care of your family already,” one person commented

“You ignored your pregnant wife’s wishes so you can go camping, clearly she’s not a priority,” another said

“You dismissed the feelings and anxiety of your pregnant wife to go camping,” a user wrote

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