Husband comes home at 3 a.m. to find out he’s finally going to be a dad: ‘We waited 2 years for this moment’

This TikTok parent-to-be shared her husband’s joyful reaction to finding out she was pregnant and it’s so heartwarming!

Niecey Jacqueline (@nieceyjacqueline) is a parent-to-be who shared her husband’s emotional reaction to finding out he was going to be a dad. The video, which racked up 3.9 views and counting, shows the dad-to-be going through confusion, shock, disbelief, and ultimately, absolute joy. 

The video begins with Niecey lying in bed filming her husband as he arrives home from work on his birthday. He holds what he thinks is a normal birthday card in his hand, though he soon finds out the information on the card will change his life forever. 

“Read it out loud,” Niecey prompts as her husband eats a piece of his birthday chocolate

“No money?” He jokes as he opens the card. Then he begins to read: “The world needs more guys like you. Guys who give, guys who care, guys who make a real difference. Great guys like you who should be celebrated all year long. Happy Father’s Day.”

As realization slowly dawns on his face, he asks Niecey, “Are you pregnant?” 

When Niecey doesn’t respond, he opens a box next to the bed, containing what he thinks is his birthday present. It’s full of positive pregnancy tests. “Are you pregnant? Are you kidding me?” he asks. 

“I took all 4 of them today,” Niecey responds, laughing a bit. 

At first, Niecey’s husband seems worried she’s joking. In disbelief, he says, “No you’re not! No you’re not! No you’re not! What?” Then, as he realizes Niecey is serious, his face lights up with joy. “No! I’m gonna be a dad? I’m gonna be a dad? What? You’re pregnant?”

After asking Niecey a few more questions about the pregnancy tests, her husband can’t contain his excitement. The video ends as he tells Niecey to get out of bed so they can celebrate. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable father-to-be and his excitement at being a dad. 

“His ‘I’m gonna be a dad’ with his super happy face. Ugh. Best dad ever,” wrote one viewer. 

Golden retriever of a man! Congratulations to you both!” another TikToker commented. 

“‘I’m gonna be a dad?!’ That was such a special look on his face! Congrats! He’s going to make an awesome dad!” congratulated another viewer. 

Niecey and her husband couldn’t be more excited to welcome their little one into the world—and if Niecey’s husband’s reaction to the news is any indication, their new baby will be entering a life full of love and joy!

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