Woman infuriated by husband’s ‘controlling’ response to her outfit choices: ‘Flat-out ridiculous’

A woman is upset with her husband for trying to police her swimwear.

She shared her experience on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She has been with her husband for eight years and has raised her step-son since he was six. But now that the child is 14, her husband is demanding she dress less revealing around him because she is not biologically related to him. 

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“I met my husband eight years ago,” she explained. “We fell in love hard and got married a year later. My step-son was six years old at the time. I pretty much raised him since his mother has always been out of the picture and even though he doesn’t call me mom we have a great relationship. Ever since my step-son hit puberty, my husband started commenting on my clothes and asking me to not wear a two-piece bikini around my step-son. He justified it by explaining that in his culture you should dress modestly around non-family members.” 

The wife was upset at the thought of being labeled “non-family” to her step-son. 

“I was very offended since I consider him my son and I raised him since he was six years old,” she wrote. “Last night I was online shopping while me and my husband were laying in bed. When I started browsing through bikini’s my husband asked me to not purchase any two-piece bikinis since it’s inappropriate in his opinion. I went off on him and told him that he’s the one being inappropriate and weird and that his son is also my son. We argued for an hour and ended up leaving the house. He sent me a text later telling me that he’s very upset with me for not respecting his culture.”

Reddit users thought the husband was out of line. 

“This is just flat-out ridiculous, I’m sorry,” someone commented

“Your husband is being controlling and insecure,” another wrote

“While he is entitled to his own beliefs it doesn’t mean you have to share them,” a user said

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