Husband lovingly builds fireplace from scratch so family can hang Christmas stockings

This mom wanted a mantle to hang the family’s Christmas stockings, so dad woke up one day and made her wish come true. 

TikToker Jacqueline Dunn posted a video of her husband Trent going all out on a home renovation project. She told him that she loved their new home, but she only wished there was a fireplace for Christmas stockings. 


Replying to @extraordinaryblackgirl He woke up one day and just…. Made it happen??? #alliwantforchristmas #husband #marriedlife #handyman

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

“He woke up one day and just…. Made it happen?” she wrote in the caption

The father built the entire mantle out of wood, painted it and even installed a flat-screen fireplace and quartz countertop. The “before” was non-existent, but the “after” looked like something out of an interior design catalog. 

The montage racked up 10.9 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok

“I feel like he has no idea how attractive this is,” a person wrote

“Still waiting for the carpenter package add-on for my husband,” a user said

“Where do I get one of these men that just do things??” someone commented

“I’d be staring at ripped carpet, tape on the wall, and half a frame for 3+ years; cheers to the men that get it done,” another joked.

“I can’t even get mine to get the decorations out of the attic for me,” a TikToker replied

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