TikTok dumbfounded by husband’s attempt to cut wife’s hair: ‘The way he holds the scissors…’

This husband is being praised for his hilariously unconventional — but effective — method of cutting his wife’s hair.

Paris and Cole are a husband and wife design and decor team. Most of their TikTok is dedicated to home DIY projects and renovations. But the couple hit viral gold when Paris asked Cole to cut her hair for the first time. Cole apparently wanted to get his wife’s hair perfect, so he pulled out a renovation trick from his arsenal.

“Well, this happened,” Paris wrote in the TikTok caption. “Asked my handyman husband to cut my hair…” 

Cole, ever the good sport, combed Paris’ long, black hair while it was damp. He meticulously untangled the back section to get the cut just right. But then, Paris noticed what Cole was using.

“Is that a f****** level?” Paris said in the caption. 

Cole definitely whipped out a giant, yellow level. A level is typically used to establish a straight, horizontal plane. The devoted husband used it, in this case, to cut his wife’s hair in a straight line. The most ridiculous part? It actually worked

“Nailed it!” Paris’ verdict read.

TikTok users agreed Cole did an excellent job in his own way. The video nabbed 1.5 million views. 

“If your husband can’t cut your hair, is he even your husband?” one person wrote.

“Is taking appointments?” another joked

“The way he holds the scissors…” someone added. “He already has experience.”

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