‘9 years ago, I took in a boy to raise’: Wife hilariously heartbroken that husband’s mom won’t take him back

A woman had wives cracking up on TikTok over a heartfelt plea about a “boy” she took in to raise. 

TikToker @emily.gilmore_ executed the perfect skit. She filmed herself looking somber in front of a camera as a melancholy ballad played. The captions explained her “tragic” situation perfectly — but there was a bit of a twist at the end. 

“Nine years ago, I took in a boy to raise. His biological mother didn’t want him anymore,” @emily.gilmore_ said, shaking her head at the camera and looking solemn. 

“He has a great relationship with my children, but … he refuses to listen to me. I contacted his biological mother, but she doesn’t want him back,” @emily.gilmore_ explained

It seemed she was describing a situation where she was fostering a child, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

“She said he became my problem the moment I decided to marry him,” she said

As sad as the news is, it turns out that wives can’t return their husbands to their mothers. Once you say “I do,” that warranty expires. 

“You know, if you feed them, they keep coming back,” a user joked

“Tell his mother if she doesn’t take him back [that] she needs to start sending you child support,” another said

“As a former foster parent, I took this seriously and was about to share so many ideas to help. Then I realized she was talking about a husband,” someone added

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