Woman slams husband over his new, time-consuming ‘obsession’: ‘This doesn’t seem normal’

A woman didn’t tell her husband when dinner was ready and now he’s furious

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if she was in the wrong. Her 40-year-old husband usually locks himself in the bathroom to watch TikTok for hours on end. Fed up with his behavior, she didn’t tell him when dinner was ready while he was in the bathroom for over two hours. When he came down and saw the food was eaten, he became upset. 

“My husband has an obsession with TikTok — he’s 40 by the way, not 14. He takes his phone to the bathroom and will spend ages just mindlessly scrolling,” she wrote. “We have two young kids and I think he just does it for some peace. But it means I’m constantly having to go and knock on the door are you ok? Are you going to be long? Will you come and help with the tiny humans? I was making a full roast dinner and saw him heading off upstairs. I said it’ll be ready in 20 minutes don’t be long. Set the table, Finished cooking, plated up got the kids to the table and just thought I’m not going to seek him this is ridiculous.” 

The woman admitted that not telling him when dinner was ready on this occasion was a bit of an experiment. 

“I 100 percent wanted to see how long it would take him to come out on his own two hours and 10 minutes,” she explained. “In that time we had finished the meal, I had cleaned the kitchen and the floor, done the dishes and done a load of laundry and the kids were halfway through a film. He came down and and yelled at me that I should have told him the meal was ready. I told him I’m not his mother and it’s not my job to go and seek him. He’s stormed out saying he’s not eating his meal now as roast dinners are rubbish heated in the microwave and this is all my fault.” 

Reddit users thought the husband was behaving strangely.

“This doesn’t seem normal,” a user wrote

“You two need to have a long talk about this,” another said.

“You really don’t want to enable this behavior. It will only get worse,” a person commented

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