Man leaves wife deeply upset after ‘inappropriate’ prank gone wrong: ‘In what way is that joke funny?’

A husband tried to joke with his wife but it did not go over well at all. 

He shared what led to the bizarre argument on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. When he and his wife were watching a movie, it prompted her to ask him if he had anything to confess. Then he told her their dog ran away and he replaced it with an identical one. 

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“My wife and I were watching a movie earlier during which the protagonists had an emotional catharsis after getting things off their chest. My wife turned and asked me if I had any confessions to make so that we could grow closer. I said, ‘Yes, 3 years ago our dog ran away and I bought a dog that looked identical to him so that you would never know.’ I was joking, of course, but when I revealed this to my wife she didn’t see the humor in it. In fact, she’s not 100 percent certain it was a joke. I am writing this from the guest room where I will be sleeping for the foreseeable future,” he explained

Reddit users weren’t surprised the joke didn’t quite land. 

“Was the joke inappropriate and possibly concerning? Yes. Was it funny? Yes,” someone commented

“In what way is that joke funny?” another said

“She asked him to be honest with her and he responded by basically mocking her openness,” a user posted

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