Husband’s hilarious 2nd-trimester pregnancy symptoms bring mom-to-be to tears: ‘I could kill you’

An expectant mom was brought to tears by her husband’s apparent pregnancy symptoms, and TikTokers are cracking up.

Mom-to-be Amber Wallin (@burr_iam) gained over 5.4 million views and 10,000 comments when she uploaded the hilarious conversation to her TikTok.

Now, just like the dad who tried (and failed) to be romantic by filling his wife’s bath with some rather shocking flowers, Amber’s husband Beyn is the face that launched a thousand face-palms.

In the video — hilariously captioned, “Beyn is 18 weeks y’all…” — mom-to-be Amber opens with the question, “Have you ever been so mad at somebody [that] you can’t do nothing but laugh at them?”

She goes on to explain that the couple, expecting their first child, just came from a meeting with their doula.

In this meeting, the doula asked Amber how the pregnancy symptoms were going — to which her clueless hubby replied, “My feet have been hurting a little bit… because you’ve been having me do more stuff.”

He apparently went on to say — much to the pain and despair of his pregnant wife — that he’s been “sleepier,” and that in the morning, he “gets a little bit of a tummy ache.” One of his teeth has also been giving him trouble lately, since apparently he’s been “eating more sweets.”

Amber could do nothing but “laugh in anguish” until tears ran down her cheeks.

He’s literally unaware that his life is in danger…”

Thousands of TikTokers reacted to the hilarious video in the comments.

“The way he’s totally sincere about it is killing me,” one user wrote.

“He’s literally unaware that his life is in danger,” another person commented.

“The baby is already here. It’s Beyn,” joked one user.

“Poor man, did he have to buy bigger shoes already? Is his back hurting from carrying all that audacity?” asked another.

“How many centimeters is Beyn?” cracked one user.

“Weird way to want to die, at the hands of your pregnant partner, but to each his own,” laughed another.

“Was the doula shocked…?” one user asked.

To this, Amber replied, “We both just sat there and laughed for 15 minutes. And she said, ‘Ok, ummm, thank you for that Ben. What about you Amber?’”

While expecting a child certainly impacts both partners, it’s safe to assume that the person carrying the baby might experience a few more symptoms! But the loving couple had a good laugh, and Beyn is sure to watch his Ps and Qs a little more carefully in the future!

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