Husband ‘secretly follows’ wife around Target to what she ‘really does’ there

A husband escalated a prank war with his wife when he “secretly followed” her around Target. 

TikTok couple Melissa and Ryan aren’t afraid to mess with each other for fun. The pranksters first started teasing each other when Melissa spied on Ryan’s trip to Lowe’s. To get back at her, Ryan followed Melissa to Target, and it was hilarious. 

Ryan lurked in the aisles of Target while his wife was supposed to be shopping for groceries. He noticed that she couldn’t “go 5 minutes without getting distracted.” 

“What is she doing those do not look like groceries?” he said

She picked up pillows, of which Ryan noted they already had many, beach bags and storage baskets. 

But Ryan really had the last straw when she tried to put a new side table in her shopping cart. 

“This looks like something I have to put together. Nope. Nope. This ain’t gonna work,” he said

He finally revealed himself to Melissa and declared, “Nope. Not putting that together.” 

“No husband’s allowed at Target, they ruin the experience,” a user joked

“She is letting Target tell her what she needs,” another said

“This made me laugh so hard bc this is so me and I’m always hiding packages and bringing them in slowly and never let him see the bill,” a person wrote

“I swear we are married to the same damn woman,” someone added

“I have to distract my wife when we walk in the first area is a killer,” a TikToker replied

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