Husband shares how wife gave birth in a gas station: ‘Your wife is a rock star’

Woah, baby! One man on TikTok shared a video of his newborn baby’s dramatic entrance into the world after his wife gave birth in a gas station bathroom! 

That dramatic arrival is literally what happened to TikTokers and parents Sergio (@thesergiomancera) and Kaitlyn Mancera (@mancerakaitlyn), whose baby boy couldn’t wait for the hospital and chose to make his entrance in a gas station bathroom. 

The clip begins moments after the birth of their son. An exhausted Kaitlyn stands holding her newborn in the bathroom. The fresh baby boy is wrapped snugly in a blue towel and looks pink and healthy.

At the same time, a paramedic tends to the scene while telling other patrons to move out of the area. 

Some onlookers tried to capture the remarkable sight on their phones, prompting TikTok viewers to express their displeasure. 

“Why are so many people filming? I understand the husband but everyone else? Not okay. I would have flipped,” one user wrote.

‘We need to realize exactly how strong we are’

Others were generally amazed by Kaitlyn as well as the strength of all moms out there. 

“Your wife is a rock star! You can see she’s in pain but just breezing through it,” commented one user. 

“Women. We need to realize exactly how strong we are… And NEVER LOOK BACK!” another viewer declared. 

A birth plan doesn’t always go as, well, planned, and sometimes babies come faster than expected. Luckily in the rare event that you can’t make it to the hospital or birth center, reading up and doing your homework could help you prepare for an unexpected delivery.

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