Man shocked by wife’s ‘unacceptable’ financial decision: ‘Selfish and mean’

A woman refused to pay for her husband’s dinner at a restaurant and it’s causing marital issues.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after they got into a fight about the matter. She and her husband have been married for four months and he isn’t good with money. When they got a joint bank account, he would purchase items with their shared money without telling her. They agreed on having separate finances so he could spend however he pleased. But when they went out for dinner together, he expected his wife to pay for his dinner

“He’s bad with money meaning he never plans for tomorrow and enjoys buying new things every day,” the Reddit poster said. “I approached him with the idea of having a joint account. Sadly he took it as his salary was doubled up and kept purchasing stuff that is expensive without evening running it through me. His response’s that since his money’s in that account meaning he doesn’t have to tell me about where he spends it because technically… it’s his money. We decided that each of us have our own salary but both equally pay for everything. He agreed long as he could buy whatever he wants with his money.”

But that still didn’t seem to resolve the issue with money. It only made things worse.

“Last night he suggested we go eat at a restaurant,” the woman wrote. “We arrived and he ordered more dishes than me and two types of desserts. When it was time for paying I asked the waitress for separate bills and my husband looked confused when he heard. He said. ‘You’re not gonna pay for my meal too?’ I told him it’s his decision that each of us pay for everything ‘individually’. After he argued and threw a fit I just paid for my meal and was about to leave when he called me selfish and mean. I told him to not take his misplaced anger out on me but he still argued with me about what I did and how unacceptable it was.” 

Reddit users thought the wife was in the right. 

“If this isn’t resolved somehow the marriage will fall apart,” one user commented

“Husband deserved it. He made this choice,” another wrote

“She didn’t cause the restaurant problems, he did,” someone said

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