Husband stuns wife with brilliant streamer hack: ‘I didn’t realize I was married to a genius’

A husband impressed his wife with his unexpected but ingenious decorating hack.

Getting ready for a party is always a lot of work. It’s pretty much an entire production, laying out dishware, putting up decor and making the place presentable. 

Typographer Kristen Gray shared a TikTok of her husband using a clever trick to prep party decorations. He was able to get streamers to look perfect and polished in minutes, thanks to his innovative method. 

“I didn’t realize I was married to a genius, but here we are,” Gray wrote in the caption.

In the video, her husband placed three reams of decorative tissue paper on a pencil in blue, yellow and pink. He taped the ends of the streamers onto the wall and slowly unfurled the rolls.

As he unwound them, he twisted the three streamers together to create a cool but quick geometric design. 

The method was much faster than measuring, cutting and weaving pieces together.

‘Wait a minute, this is genius…’

TikTok agreed that it was actually kind of brilliant. The video racked up over 5.8 million views. 

“All this time at the office, we have been doing it the wrong way,” one person said.

“Wait a minute, this is genius,” a user commented

“OMG. This makes everything so much easier,” a person wrote.

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