Bride defends husband after he throws entire cake at her

TikTokers are going wild over a viral video in which a husband threw a whole wedding cake at his bride.

The bride is now defending her husband after the three-tiered cake hit her in the head.

The video starts out with the bride, Kelsey Carson, smearing a piece of frosting across the face of her new husband, Tony. It’s a common wedding cake tradition, meant to add some playfulness into a day that’s otherwise pretty formal.

But it was Tony’s reaction that made the TikTok go viral. As Kelsey looks away slightly after putting frosting on Tony’s face, he picks up the entire wedding cake and throws it at her face, which causes her to stumble into some nearby chairs.

TikTokers went absolutely crazy over the video, which has been viewed almost 3 million times. Although the comments have been turned off, The Daily Mail managed to get screenshots of a couple of stunned viewers’ reactions.

“That’s not just aggressive but so embarrassing??? If he’s comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and fam… scary,” one person had commented.

“Ohhhhh HELLLL NO!!!! Major RED FLAG,” another added.

The consensus in the comments section seemed to be that Kelsey should be weary of Tony’s “aggressiveness” because of the incident.

Kelsey, on the other hand, seemed to find the moment funny, light-hearted and not a warning sign that she should divorce Tony.

She’s since changed her TikTok bio to “A CAKE never hurt anyone” and has uploaded other videos with Tony, using hashtags like “couple goals” and “my love.”

“Y’all they are both literally laughing,” one TikTok commenter pointed out. “He’s not angry! She even has happy posts of them both covered in cake.”

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