Husband ‘survives’ vasectomy, proudly shows off hilarious consolation T-shirt: ‘That’s just evil’

A post-vasectomy dad is going viral for his hilarious new T-shirt, and TikTokers are loving his doctor’s sense of humor!

When hairstylist, mom and wife @shelbthestylist posted the side-splitting footage to her account, she gained over 5.2 million views and nearly 7,000 comments.

Now, just like this wife’s hilarious Amazon prank gone wrong, the video is cracking up TikTok users around the world.

In the video, Shelby’s husband is seen walking (perhaps more like limping) out of his doctor’s office, fresh from his vasectomy.

Mask still on, her good sport of a husband mumbles, “They give you a shirt.”

He unfolds said shirt and holds it up to his wife, who promptly cracks up at the design.

On one side, the shirt reads, “,” written across two giant lemons.

On the other side, two even bigger lemons sit beneath the words, “All juice, no seed.”

As Shelby continues belly-laughing, her husband balls up the shirt, tosses it onto the dashboard and painfully hikes himself up into the passenger seat — prompting even more laughter from his wife.

‘I laughed so hard I woke up my baby…’

TikTokers cracked up in Shelby’s comment section, flooding her video with thousands of comments.

“Awww, the fact that his doctor’s office has the best sense of humor… and his reaction, lmao!” one user laughed.

“I laughed so hard I woke up my baby,” another user shared.

“That’s just evil,” one user laughed.

“I love that he proudly showed you his T-shirt,” remarked another user.

Other users shared their own post-vasectomy consolation prizes.

“Mine said, ‘My sausage still works,'” one user laughed.

“I got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for my man, with scissors that said ‘Snip snip hooray!'” shared another user.

But others expressed disappointment that they didn’t get anything after finishing their vasectomy.

“I got mine yesterday, and I got no T-shirt! I feel cheated,” one user grumbled.

“I want one! I didn’t get a T-shirt when I had mine done. I’ll make one saying, ‘My weapon now fires blanks,'” another user joked.

When it comes to parenthood and certain big life choices — like getting the old “snip snip” — it’s good to have a sense of humor, and maybe even a funny T-shirt to go with it!

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