Man faces backlash after ‘choosing’ video games over his wife: ‘Reevaluate your priorities’

A guy left his wife outside without keys to play World of Warcraft. 

He posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. A delivery order arrived while he was playing the video game. His wife went downstairs to retrieve the food but forgot her keys. Instead of going to help her, he continued to play the game until he could pause without losing. Now his wife is upset. 

“My wife and I live in a major city and had ordered food delivery,” the Reddit poster said. “Our building is small (only one other unit) and it has a vestibule of the kind where if a door closes behind you, it locks. Right as we start the [game], the doorbell rings and she goes downstairs to get the food. As she was leaving I told her to not forget her keys, but she did. So, after collecting the food she was stuck in the vestibule with no way back into the apartment.” 

The reason he refused to go to his wife was that he was on a timely mission in the video game with out players and his wife was aware of the commitment. 

“This happens occasionally, when it does, my wife rings the doorbell in order to let me know she’s stuck,” he explained. “On this occasion when the doorbell rang, I ignored it until the boss encounter was over, perhaps five minutes or so. She was really, really upset and told me I was a huge a****** and that I was choosing video games over her.” 

Reddit users thought the poster was out of line.

“You seriously need to reevaluate your priorities,” one person wrote. 

“Treating a damn game better than your wife,” another said

“You left your wife outside so you could collect imaginary electronic rewards,” someone commented

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