Hilarious husky looks ‘guilty’ after it destroys owner’s bedroom door

After getting caught for destroying his owner’s home, a husky’s guilt-ridden face has TikTok howling with laughter.

Dog owner @themadrussian shared what one of his huskies, Tovarish, did to his house in a hilarious TikTok. Somehow, the dog did some serious damage while the owner was away. But even stranger, the canine seemed to know that what he did was wrong. 


I love surprises when I get home. this pupper had the best one……#MakeADogsDay #husky #surprise #doggos

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The owner introduced his rescue husky and roommate’s German shepherd as his well-behaved “good” dogs. But as @themadrussian showed more of his home, a trail of debris, broken material and plaster littered his floor. 

“They said get a husky,” @themadrussian said as he followed the trail. “It’ll be fun, they said.” 

When he arrived at his bedroom door, nearly half the bottom was ripped and chewed out. Tons of pieces of the door and ripped-up carpet covered his floor. 

“Where are you, Tovarish?” the owner said, searching for the husky culprit. “Haha, there you are! It’s like you’re guilty!”

And there was Tovarish, a solid white husky, slinking away in the corner. The dog held his head down in shame as if he knew he had messed up. Apparently, the owner locked the disabled dog in his bedroom, and Tovarish simply did not stand for that. 

The hilarious video racked up over 19.8 million views on TikTok. 

“I will never understand how they are smart enough to feel guilty but not smart enough to not do it in the first place,” someone commented

“He’s renovating. You just need to trust the process,” a user joked

“This is reason number one [why] I am a cat person,” another said.

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