Husky has an ‘I love you more’ battle with dad: ‘She has the last word’

This adorable husky is going viral for having an I-love-you-off showdown with her pet owner. 

Meeka the Husky has over 5.7 million followers on TikTok. The dog is known for her warm personality, kooky faces and the pink handkerchief she sports around her neck. Huskies are known for being particularly vocal dogs that make a variety of noises like howling, whining and moaning. Surprisingly, they are less known for being barkers. 

This trait hails from huskies being pack animals and hard workers. They need to socialize and get things done, so they communicate through a spectrum of vocalizations. It’s what made it possible for Meeka to tell her owner, “I love you,” almost as clearly as a human would. 


Having an “I love you more” battle with daddy.. (WAIT TIL THE END!) 😭😍

♬ original sound – Meeka 🐺💕

“Having an ‘I love you more’ battle with daddy… (WAIT TIL THE END!)” the caption read

Pet owner: I love you more.

Meeka: I love you.

Pet owner: I love you.

Meeka: No, no, daddy. I love you way more, daddy. 

Pet owner: I love you more.

Meeka: You know I love you more… 

The hilarious video racked up 1.7 million views on TikTok

“Best dogs ever and so intelligent,” a user wrote

“I love how vocal these dogs are,” someone commented

“I had a husky that would say I love you three times to my one; she wouldn’t let me say it a second time and just went into her howling I love you,” a person added

“She has the last word,” a user said

“Sir, that’s not a dog,” another joked

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