Is this viral ‘HyperChiller’ the best way to cool your drinks?

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This “HyperChiller” is all over TikTok.

The drink-cooling gadget has gone mega-viral in recent months, and it’s easy to see why. Apparently, it can fully cool hot beverages — even fresh coffee — in less than 60 seconds. According to the HyperChiller website, it’s like adding 30 ice cubes to a drink, but without diluting it.

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The cooling technology here just sounded too good to be true — especially during iced coffee season. So, we decided to test it out ourselves.

To do that, In The Know’s Poppy Shen got a hold of the HyperChiller and compared it to a more “traditional” way of cooling beverages. Keep reading below to find out what happened, or watch the video above.

Is this HyperChiller really better than 30 ice cubes?

Since making the perfect iced coffee isn’t just about temperature, Poppy decided to test this gadget in three categories: convenience, coldness and taste. To do that, she compared some iced coffee cooled with the HyperChiller to the same beverage cooled down with 30 ice cubes.

Convenience: To use the HyperChiller, you have to fill it with water and freeze it at least six hours in advance. Of course, that’s what makes it so cold, but it also takes longer than getting 30 cubes out of an ice maker. Round one goes to the ice cubes.

Coldness: To measure this, Poppy used a thermometer to see how cold each drink was after 60 seconds. She added a cup of hot coffee to the HyperChiller, and she also poured a cup of hot joe into a glass with 30 ice cubes in it. In both cases, the drinks were around 35 degrees Fahrenheit after one minute. So, this round is a tie.

Taste: Lastly, Poppy recruited her boyfriend for a blind taste test. Since the HyperChiller claims to cool drinks without diluting the taste, Poppy poured both cooled beverages into matching glasses and had her boyfriend pick his favorite. In the end, he chose the HyperChiller-cooled drink because it had a stronger, more concentrated flavor. Round three goes to our gadget.

Adding up our three rounds, we finished with a tie. That said, the HyperChiller is still a fun, effective gadget — and for the price, it’s honestly probably worth it.

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