Hypnotic underwater footage shows divers swimming through giant bubble rings

Who needs magic when mother nature is whimsical enough as it is!

Two snorkelers recorded mesmerizing footage of their underwater diving experience off the coast of Menorca. The pair created massive bubble rings that grew large enough for them to swim through. Bubble rings occur underwater when trapped air is released in a circular shape. One of the divers created the rings using his breath. 

In the video, a surreal water ring appears seemingly out of nowhere. Then the woman swims right through it. But it turns out another diver is laying on the bottom of the ocean floor and blowing the bubbles up towards the water’s surface. The two snorkelers gracefully glide through the rings while the crystal clear water only enhances the beauty of the effortless swimming. 

Bubble rings aren’t too difficult to create provided you have the right diving equipment. To create a ring, first, make sure there are few disturbances in the water. A scuba mask is ideal because it covers your nose without allowing water to leak in when tilting the head backward. Next, take a breath of air with a regulator until your cheeks are puffed. Then lay on your back or float horizontally. Finally, round your lips and release the air by making a “puh” sound. The bubble ring should then slowly ascend to the surface.

It may take a little practice before you get it right but the payoff is truly awe-inspiring! 

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