People are dancing with their pets in the cutest TikTok trend yet

Few things are more jubilant than the pet side of TikTok. This trend takes things to an entirely new level of precious, though.

Pet owners are sharing videos of themselves posing with their furry friends as the song “Practice” by DaBaby plays in the background.

When the lyric “I do my lil dancey-dance” comes up, they hold hands (and paws) with their pets and dance around.

In the most popular video from the trend thus far, user @jessica.lennon shared footage of an adorable puppy bouncing around. That’s all it took to get 11 million likes and 38 million views

“This is what TikTok should be used for,” one commenter wrote.

“Cutest thing ever,” another said.

User @madalynsterne did the same thing, but instead of a small pup, her partner was a chunky cat who was much less enthusiastic.

“Go Garfield go Garfield,” one user wrote in the comments.

“Oh my god he’s so chonky,” another said.

Not to be outdone, @gabesco “danced” with his fish — although it appears he actually just jumped around with an empty fishbowl.


before anyone gets mad, Johnny was in a little cup i made this while i cleaned his bowl #fish#HolidayCrafts#UpTheBeat#CancelTheNoise MY IG – @gabesco

♬ original sound – Aries ✪

“There’s no way,” one user responded.

“The fish community is coming after you for this one,” another said.

Here’s a compilation of some of our favorite dancey-dance videos, so you can dive in:

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