I don’t even know this dog, but I ugly cried watching her party

Rachel Landsell’s TikTok about her dog’s goodbye party pulls so strongly at heartstrings for being just a 15-second video.

“I screamed NO and scrolled next sorry I can’t do it,” one popular comment says in response to the clip.

It’s not a totally common practice, but the Landsell family threw their pet dog, Sophie, a sweet farewell party, complete with a barbecue, party hats and handwritten cards from the kids and pretty much every TikTok viewer cried watching it.

Sophie is visibly old and tired but the Landsell family’s party had her wagging her tail and curling up in her family’s laps before being treated to a little steak.

The video racked up over 5 million views. In a follow-up TikTok (if you’re emotionally prepared for more) Landsell explains that Sophie was 18 years old and had to be put down, but she’s a “very good girl.” In another video, Landsell says Sophie was blind and deaf as well.

Landsell also shared Sophie’s last walk, which featured the “special girl” being pushed in a stroller down the street.

“i’m cuddling my dog and sobbing now, i’m so sorry,” one person replied.

“this isn’t fair,” another posted. “dogs should live forever.”

“I wish I had known my pup was passing so everyone could have made her last day special like this,” someone else commented.

Now the question is, how do we get our hands on this exact blanket with Sophie’s face printed on it?


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