‘I guess we’ll never know’ TikTok challenge: What it is and where the sound bite comes from

It’s amazing how the internet can dig up something from the past, remix it and find an entirely new use for it.

The “I guess we’ll never know” meme is no exception. TikTokers grabbed a soundbite from Kanye West’s 2005 Grammys speech and a tidbit of his song “American Boy” with Estelle to poke fun at themselves.

“I know everybody’s asking the question, they wanted to know, ‘I know he’s going to wild out, I know he’s going to do something crazy.’ Everybody wanted to know what I would do if I didn’t win. [Pause]. I guess we’ll never know,” West said in the speech while accepting his award for Best Rap Album.

TikTokers sampled West saying “I guess we’ll never know” to use it as the punchline to a funny question.

The original meme was created by Connor Snow in response to the caption: “When your mum asks why you smell of weed.”

Enter Kanye’s voice: “I guess we’ll never know.”

Influencer Tana Mongeau even joined in on the trend with a very salty, “When you ask him why he cheated on you and he starts crying about his childhood.”

Then there’s this wholesome version: “When I ask a question in the group chat and everyone ignores it.”


#rainbowmode if someone tries to explain any math things to me in the comments they’re getting their sh1t rocked #math #makeitmini #OurType #lgbtq

♬ I guess well never know – Connor Snow

And of course the bad-at-math gang has a sense of humor, too. “When I put something in my calculator and the answer has the little ‘e’ thing in it,” @wadeg_ wrote in his version of the “I guess we’ll never know” trend. (Relatable.)

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