TikTok users admit they’ve become what they hate with secretive confessions

The “I hate people who work at the bank meme” has taken over TikTok.

Thanks to one person’s absurd video skit, TikTokers are steeped in irony once again. The trend has people revealing that they are actually the thing that they hate. Yes, it’s weird. But hey, it’s TikTok. 

What is the I Hate People Who Work At The Bank meme on TikTok? 

It all started with a bizarre skit by @diarrheaquinn where he claimed to work at a bank. 

“Ugh! I hate people that work at the bank!” he said. “Shhh! I work at the bank. Here is a dollar. Do not tell anyone.” 


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After the video went viral, people were obviously curious as to what inspired him. It was about as random as the meme itself. 

“I’ve had a dollar bill on my table. I was like, what can I do with this wonderful prop? I was like, I can pretend to work at a bank but it’s a big secret,” @diarrheaquinn explained in a follow-up video. 

The meme is also a play on the “But when he loves me” meme which uses the sound “Beach Bunny” by Cloud 9. For this trend, people say “I hate all men… but when he loves me,” to highlight the male exceptions in their lives. 

The original video by @diarrheaquinn racked up 2.8 million likes. Now it’s a full-blown meme. 

Some examples of the “I hate people who work at the bank” trend

People are using the “I hate people who work at the bank” sound to share things they despise but also secretly are. 

For example, @annabelleeanderson wrote, “Ugh, I hate people with no toenails!” in a video caption.

Then she revealed she actually has no toenails. Shhh.

“This was funnier than it needed to be,” someone commented.

“What is the point of toenails anyway,” another said

“Ugh! I hate people who dress their babies to a specific aesthetic,” @millennialmidwesternmom said. “Shhh. I dress my baby like she was born in 1952.” 

Her adorable baby wore a yellow matching bonnet and dress set. 

“I love vintage baby clothes,” one user wrote.

“This is what everyone should be doing,” a person suggested.

“Ugh! I hate people with a lazy eye,” @kingjamesthethirdd wrote in the caption. 

He slowly moved his eyes so that they were looking in opposite directions. 

“I work at the same bank,” someone said.

“I also work at that bank,” another person joked

“Ugh! I hate people who feed wild animals,” @jurassic_parkranger stated.

Then she cut to footage of her hand-feeding corn to a rodent — and it biting her. 

“Girl, you fed yourself to the wild animal,” a user joked.

“Why is this so funny,” a person remarked

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