‘I held my fiancée’s sister’s baby, and she freaked out’

A man was taken aback when his fiancée’s sister yelled at him for holding her baby while babysitting for her. 

The man, who has been engaged to his fiancée for five years, posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******” to ask his fellow redditors if he was in the wrong. 

“So my fiancée and I have been together for 5 years,” he began the post. “I have [a] great relationship with her family, and her nieces and nephews like me, as well as her siblings.”

One of his future sisters-in-law had a baby about seven months ago, and one day she asked the Reddit poster to watch her baby for a couple of minutes while she went to clean the garage. But when the baby started to cry, the poster picked the baby up from the stroller and held him on his lap. 

“[My] fiancée’s sister and her husband came back and gasped and took the baby right from me and asked when they gave me permission to hold him,” the poster wrote. 

“I was taken aback and said sorry but I didn’t know I had to ask because my fiancée holds him all the time without having to ask.”

Family … or not yet?

The parents told the poster that because he’s not family, he shouldn’t assume he could hold their baby. This point in particular struck a nerve, because the poster and his fiancée had to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19. 

After continuing to berate the poster, asking him how he didn’t know it would be a problem, the disgruntled parents eventually asked the poster and his fiancée to leave. 

“I asked my fiancée where she stood and she said they’re being mean about it but I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,” the poster wrote. “Am I crazy? How do you trust someone to watch your baby but they can’t hold them? Is this normal?” 

‘You aren’t some stranger in a grocery store’

Almost all of the responders supported the poster, saying the parents were being unreasonable.  

“I am a parent. If I ask someone to watch my baby and then leave, I don’t just mean stare at them while they cry helplessly. I mean take care of them,” wrote one user. 

“On top of that, you’ve known them for 5 years. You aren’t some stranger in a grocery store,” continued the user. 

“If you’ve been with her for YEARS and [you’re] engaged to be married, you’re pretty much family at that point. That’s really weird,” wrote another commenter. 

Other users pointed out that if the parents didn’t want the poster to hold the baby, they should have made that clear.

“It was her responsibility to say if she didn’t want her kid taken out of the stroller, or to set boundaries with you,” the user wrote. “But the reaction makes me wonder if they’re first time parents being [overprotective] of their first child.” 

While we don’t have the parents’ side of the story, clear communication is rarely a bad thing.

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