TikTok trend has people sharing long-kept secrets

A user’s cheeky but brief a capella tune has captured the interest of TikTok

The sound has taken over For You pages everywhere and has been used in hundreds of thousands of videos. If you haven’t heard “I know something you don’t. I know something you will never know,” yet, it’s only a matter of time. The short soundbite has turned into a full-blown meme where TikTokers share the secrets only they know. 

Where did the “I know something you don’t” sound come from on TikTok? 


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♬ everyone stream Carly Rae Jepsens Dedicated album – Jaden Damelio

“Me to people trying to hack my Wizard101 account because I put several typos in the password,” Jaden Damelio captioned a video. 

He then sang, “I know something you don’t. I know something you will never know,” into the camera. 

Damelio’s sound has since been used in over 205,000 videos on TikTok. People are using the tune for all the times they’ve felt like they had the upper hand. 

“My boyfriend when he proposed to me, knowing he slept with someone else,” @simply.allisaa said. 

In the clip, her boyfriend got down on one knee and she shook her head to turn him down. 

“When you’ve been the tooth fairy for your little siblings for years,” @brooklynandbailey said, lip-syncing to the tune

“When they ran out of signed copies of Red so you had to forge Taylor Swift’s signature for your sister,” @sneaky_pringle said in a video.

Her sister looked delighted to receive an “official” copy of Red signed by Swift for Christmas. 

“Me still being logged into my ex-boyfriend’s Netflix,” @tarayummy said in a video

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