TikTok users are sharing unsettling facts they wish they could forget

Lyrics from a Broadway musical have caused TikTokers to lament the things they wish they could un-see. 

Sometimes you learn something that you really just didn’t need to know. Like the fact that one kiss can exchange over 80 million bacteria. Then you just wish you could erase the info from your brain but it’s simply not possible. TikTokers are sharing the trivia they hate knowing in the “I live inside you forever” trend. The meme has been circulating since 2020 thanks to a song from Jekyll & Hyde The Musical. 

What is the “I live inside you forever” TikTok trend

The song “The Confrontation” from Jekyll & Hyde The Musical features Jekyll and Hyde, who are two sides of the same man, going head-to-head with each other. The sound has been used in 1,984 videos on TikTok. 


Hyde: I’ll live inside you forever!

Jekyll: No!

Hyde: With Satan himself by my side!

Jekyll: No!

Hyde: I know that, now and forever / They’ll never be able to separate / Jekyll from Hyde!

The Broadway musical is an adaptation of the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It tells the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll who, desperate to suppress his evil urges, creates a serum that unleashes his darker alter ego known as Edward Hyde. 

TikToker @flowerprinceart wished he didn’t know there were “18 confirmed books bound in human skin” around the world. And apparently, they are indistinguishable from other leatherbound books

“The knowledge that the longest piece of human literature is a Super Smash Bros fanfic 13 times the size of Ulysses,” @theycallmethejman said in a video

“The knowledge that daily horoscopes were by British newspapers as a way to increase sales in the 1930s,” @anxiousarchfey wrote in a caption.  

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